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25th Jul 2022

Anal sex is an increasingly popular sexual activity in sex porn videos. In reality, many people would like to try it, but may not express it to their partner for fear of being scolded as a pervert. Or their partners say no because they’re afraid of the pain. Or they don’t even have a partner.

What does anal sex really feel like? What should you pay attention to? We believe many of our sex doll lovers are also interested in it, so today we’re going to talk about this topic in detail.

1. You are not Perverts.
Although anal sex is a rare sexual activity, it is normal that you want to try it out for yourself as there are so many anal sex videos or GIFs on porn sites. Sex doll owners, don’t be shy to explore your own needs and curiosity.

If your women do enjoy this sex position, based on the principles of respect and pleasure, you can occasionally try with them. Maybe there is a different spark.

2. Would anal sex be better?

In most cases, yes. Men who enter from the back will experience a tighter sensation and a taboo-breaking pleasure because the muscles around the anus are more capable of contracting.

3. Need a condom?

Anal intercourse is a much higher risk than vaginal sex. If the anus and rectum are not cleaned thoroughly, the penis can become susceptible to infection due to the large number of microorganisms left in the residual feces.

4. How to prepare for anal sex?
For beginners, you’d better prepare enough lubricant for safe anal sex. The rectal mucosa is more fragile than other areas, and it’s easy to be torn during intercourse. What’s more, you need to communicate more with your partner to help her overcome their inner shame, anxiety, and fear.

5. Is it dangerous?
If a person has a sexually transmitted disease, it can be easily transmitted through unprotected anal intercourse. So, the best way to have anal sex with a real person is to have a condom!

Remember to cut your nails if you use your fingers during anal penetration. Long nails not only carry bacteria but also can break the skin inside the rectum, causing bleeding.

If possible, you can wear finger cots to keep the fingers out of direct contact with bacteria or microbes in your gut, reducing the risk of bacterial infection and transmission.

If you’re really itching to try big ass anal sex, lifelike sex dolls are just what you need to spice up your sex life. With a realistic sex doll, you don’t have to worry about any of these problems. Your lifelike sex doll won’t say no to you, and you can do whatever you want with her.


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