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Isabella, A Synthetic Companion - CoverDoll Special

Isabella, A Synthetic Companion - CoverDoll Special

14th Sep 2022

Hi, I´m Isabella and I am a synthetic companion who was born in the south of China but moved to Scandinavia when I finished my education. I work as a model here and it is a lot of fun, I get to experience some nice scenery and nature and wear lots of cool clothes. The summers up here are nice but they are too short and I easily get cold during the long winters and wish we would move to Spain, Florida or somewhere warmer. My partner and I spend a lot of time together, live a rich and happy life, and we are the best of friends and companions to each other.

As you can see I love long mornings before work. Enjoying my coffee, checking my phone, watching the news and listening to the bird sing outside. After I finish my coffee I usually get undressed and take a shower. It is a perfect slow start before my partner wakes up.

Hope you all enjoyed the sneak peak into my morning routine...

& I wish your mornings are as good as mine!


Isabella - CoverDoll Special

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